Your vision is the approach.

Independent Logic brings identity, presence and utility to goods and services online. Continually developing client and proprietary online properties.


Recent Work

Phase II development complete for Ag NPO in Niger.


Neurodiverse community creation.

How it's done

Stunning results from selective engagement

When you enlist Independent Logic to take care of your web development needs, you don't share resources with other firms vying for attention on other projects. Of course, this means with can't work with everyone, but the results are definitely worth it.

Custom Website Development

Ground-up builds for when your firm has hit the limit with your current online presence.  Simple and intuitive content-managed systems ensure your messaging is always fresh and relevant.

eCommerce with Shopify

Simple turnkey solutions, existing theme configuration, or 100% custom-fitted site builds.  We enable original, effective online shopping experiences for you and your brand.

Site wellness, damage control, and function restoration.

Expert developers span varied disciplines and platforms making Independent Logic an ideal partner to get your most valuable online marketing vehicle back on the road.

Why Independent Logic?

Software & Online Development with a Human Focus.

The first person advantage
  • Eliminate frustration – always have an invested management and development contact available to discuss your project details.
  • Time is of the essence – nimble, local teams ensure your project is completed when agreed and not a minute later.
  • No Abandonment – Just because the initial development phase has passed does not mean you’re left in the lurch.  We are retained by over 90% of our clients to provide expedient post-launch support and enhancements.

Want to Get the Ball Rolling?


Whether you’re looking to just shoot the breeze about a development idea or if a ripe-for-the-picking partnership opportunity is on your radar, take your time with the contact form and give us as the deets.  

Value Our Mission
We provide customized online growth solutions with remarkable ease-of-use.

Working with Independent Logic is so simple.  We speak your language, not a bunch of tech jargon. Utilizing your online property ends up being a joy - never frustrating or burdensome.

We strive to embody a state-of-the-art development standard forged from decades of planning and programming.

If you're encountering a roadblock with your site or hurdles with your online positioning, there's a very high chance that we've dealt with the very same issue before. We're here to discuss your concerns and make your problems go away.

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